Talk Turkey To Me!

I think we all can agree that a high percentage of humans love to eat turkey but is turkey a favorite among canines? I would say yes! Here are a few things to remember about feeding your favorite pup some turkey meat on this holiday: No BONES! The cooked bones split and splinter and are... Continue Reading →

Siberian Husky Survival Safety Kit

We recently went through surviving Hurricane Florence. I say "surviving" with a snicker to myself with sincere consideration that others did survive through much worse. Not much touched on down on our area of South Carolina but the preparation was a must according to the media. All the weather "drama" unfolded days before we even... Continue Reading →

Culinary for your Canine

Over the years, feeding the pups (yes, I know they are almost 8 and 10 years old but they will always be our "pups"!) has been an ever changing and improving process. Since Mya was my first dog as an adult, and a special breed, I wanted her to have the best nutrition to sustain... Continue Reading →

Surrendered Sibe

If you are involved in animal rescue, you know that heartache is an emotion you experience most often. It's been almost ten years since we rescued Ms. MyaJune. Within those ten years, we have assisted with Siberian Husky rescues by donating, fostering, pulling from shelters, transporting and admin to a seasoned rescue page. To make... Continue Reading →

Your Dog’s Friends

Dog behavior and body language is so important to have knowledge of if you are or are going to be a responsible dog owner. You don't have to be an expert by no means but just some insight and using your common sense when it comes to integrating your dog with other dogs. It will... Continue Reading →

Off-Leashing Your Siberian Husky

You know lots of people who train their dogs to be off-leash right? Some people get away with not even having to train their dog to stay by their side. They have a dog that just wants to please them so much that they just wouldn't think of leaving their owners side. Then there is... Continue Reading →

Siberian Huskies Do Talk

It wasn't until we had MyaJune for a few months that I learned she speaks! I would start talking to her and she would repeat me. I say "I love you" and the sound would be repeated in Siberian Husky wooing. "I love you Mya" and she would repeat. Over and over. I got the... Continue Reading →

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